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 Tamga-Tash. In Tamga gorge on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake are the famous stones Tamga-Tash. The best known of them, the first Tamga-Tash. There are two and three. In the first Tamga-Tash bas actions inscription in Tibetan Om Mani Padme Hum, a kind of prayer that can be used under any circumstances written. The literal translation of the mantra, "Oh, The Jewel in the Lotus", but it is rarely understood in this sense. The letters are carved in strict monumental style. The letters cut the stone, so it was a relief volume. The inscription on the stone is Dzhungarian (Kalmykia) period (XV-XVII centuries) dated.

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Trekking Round
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: In the valley of the Ak-Dobo Barskoon of Kyrgyzstan After a breakfast of action. After that you go through rivers Tarylga and beautiful mountains in the snow below the tree will be fine. You are wide open pastures where shepherds of the assembly missions will enjoy touching them. Kok-Bulak valley of Kyrgyzstan will have dinner and spend the night in a tent.
Day 2: We will Kok-Bulak, a trekking tour you pass the river Kichi-Jargylchak jailoo Kind (grass) held through. A surprisingly rich palette of colors down the road you will pass Lake Issyk Kul of Kyrgyzstan and the mountain landscapes and representations of the test will be interesting. Kok Valley dinner and spend the night in tent-Bella.
Day 3: Breakfast. Kok-Bellu trekking tour. Car of fresh water where the road will lead you to the valley of the Juuku. After a lunch and start to live for others Kleveru-Suu. A lunch on the way. On that day, all food and equipment to carry through support. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 4: breakfast, you will start to see the Klever-Suu will test the reliability of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. Clover Suu several times before returning to the base of a valley will pass. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 5: Breakfast. Juuku trekking tour to the Valley. As you are not a mechanism for the straight parts can be. You will meet more of the Kyrgyz herders and (mare's milk, the national drink of an agitated) "will be invited for lunch and Kymyz. Tisha Mountain 4808 meters above this impressive machine. Evening you will dine and spend the night in a tent in the valley of the Cona-Tash.
Day 6: We will be trekking tour through Juuku Pass Juuku valley as 3633 m. Dinner on the road. By the travel way, you Jashyl ​​the name of the Arm, Green Lake, the lake will double with the name. Jetim Arabel Valley, Bell Mountain (3993 m) will continue. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 7: Trekking tour to Taragay River and Ak-Bellom (3833 m) is the river Kara-Sai. It is enough to see wild mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo. Then on the lake Kyrtash poezjayte. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
8 th day: in the morning, you will start trekking tour to Kyrtash the lake, approximately 25 kilometers from the border with China, you, along with tea Baralbas, Canyon of the South side of Ak-Shyirak go. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 9: Today the river several times to the Ak-Shyirak Canyon will be trekking tour through a surprising journey. You visited the shepherds and some lunch stop. Kara-Sai valley trekking tour, you will be in the afternoon. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 10: Red-Eshme in the morning, you will go and travel  to the Valley. You will be able to Taragay afternoon tea. In the open top of a high mountain valleys and pastures you will enjoy. SUEK-Suu dinner and spend the night in tent.
Day 11: We Suu SUEK-you-rock-ball in a valley to the Yellow River and the pastures will pass. Here the distance is a mountain range on the border with China can be a good representative. Tent for dinner and spend the night.
Day 12: Alpine lake Okurgon Colonel SUEK Pass (4028 m) along the top of a valley Morning Yellow-rock-engine. After lunch back to a vehicle traveling tour in the mountains Barskoon support. A lunch. Tent for dinner and spend the night.

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