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   As an example, consider KCBTA, registered

January 2003. [22] KCBTA - member national organization that

promotes the benefits of companies engaged in tourism-based

Communities and represents the interests of its members. KCBTA supported

Project support for tourism, community-based (CBTSP), which was

Launched in May 2000, this initiative was to support

the local population, and now actively working in Kyrgyzstan 10

Groups of community-based tourism.

    Its main purpose of the club is aimed at raising living standards

remote mountainous areas through the development of infrastructure and facilities

Tourism without harming the environment and local culture.

The Association provides support to its members - through organizations

Development and implementation of marketing strategies, product promotion and

Services, learning the basics of tourism and economic support for the establishment

Development of its members and by the interests of their members

Industrial policy at the national level and in negotiations with

Representatives of the base of the tourism industry.

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 002
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Trekking Round
Duration: 11 days

Day 1: Fly to Bishkek hotel arrangements, you will have breakfast. Then, the main administrative center of Bishkek, the historical museum, gift shops, 45 km from Bishkek to the market or to Krıle-arch day trekking tour and travel with your trekking tour round of selection or there. You will have lunch in fresh air and is transported back to Bishkek. In the evening, dinner will be provided. Night in hotel.
Day 2: After breakfast was delicious and round the valley trekking tour starts in Bishkek Oguz aircraft. Lake Issyk Kul valley along the low-Oguz Early morning transfer to Samoletov (370 km). A lunch. "Seven Bulls, known as" the beautiful, the famous red stone and "Broken Heart" A trekking tour . Test Kymyz (an excited mare's milk). You can have lunch at noon. A dinner and overnight "Valley of Flowers" is in tents. (2.200 m).
Day 3: After breakfast, Samoletı-Oguz valley in Kyrgyzstan trekking tour and travel to strengthen and pass through Tilety. A breakfast. Tilety trekking tour for 16 kms to the shepherds. A dinner and overnight in tents. (3200 m).
Day 4: After a Tilety in the town of Karakol valley trekking tour , and so on. A breakfast. Three hours a week of trekking tour , Tilety the Pass (3800 m) will lead us to the valley of the Patrol. This is the way to lunch. Nomad tent camp along the 10 kilometers of the ancient nomadic way of trekking tour to a stop. A dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 5: Today we begin trekking tour and travel in the valley of the Patrol. A breakfast. 8 km from the camp, a short trekking tour in Karakol Valley. This is the way to lunch. There is a base camp for the night.
Day 6: After breakfast trekking tour to the Valley Patrol devours about Keldyke in Kyrgyzstan. Mountain v. Krylya-Kul Lake (3600 m), the trekking tour is more than 70 meters and beauty. We see a beautiful glacial lake, which is on the shore of a lake. To Keldyke Valley Cyrillic-Kul (3860 m) A trekking tour through. A lunch. Patrol peak, peak and peak Djigit Tashtanbek in Kyrgyzstan - including a maximum of five thousand meters from the data in the Terskey is closed. The camp is surrounded by rocks waiting for you in this beautiful stream flows are some of the glaciers. A dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 7: Today we begin trekking tour in the valley Keldyke Patrol. Gold-four hours tour to Arashan (2450 m). You can have lunch at noon. Hot Springs baths. You PALATKA Peak (Tent, 5260 m), and has been for days Patrol. Pass (2 hours), and the Swallow Nest and 'forget' Association in the form of snow. Evening, dinner will be provided. Overnight in Karakol.
Day 8: Surveillance and Issyk Kul in the north coast of the breakfast trekking tour , skills later. You can have lunch at noon. Transfer to Lake Issyk Kul Lake (160 km) to the north along the coast to relax issyk-kulskim. A dinner and overnight in a hotel.
Day 9: Lake Issyk Kul delicious breakfast and then trekking tour round and round begins. Issyk Kul day. The rest of the Issyk Kul Lake with a boat floating. You can have lunch at noon. Petroqlifı visitings and Ethnography Museum. In the evening, dinner will be provided. At night the hotel is Issykl-Kul.
Day 10: Bishkek move to a breakfast (250 km) later. One way to stay in the old town Balasagun Burana (- 13 cc 11) apply. You can have lunch at noon. Night in hotel.
Day 11: Meet your tour guide at the hotel and the airport "Manas" to accompany you.


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