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 Suluu-Terek, dry canyons (or canyons Konorchok). Located 125 km from Bishkek, and extending almost 200 km. After a 50-minute walk from Red Bridge, the stone labyrinths of your view opens valley red curls, columns and sculptures. These canyons - an architectural masterpiece of nature. They are beautiful in any season, but it is best in the spring, when everything grows and blossoms, or fall, to visit if it were not so hot. This - the valley of contrasts. This is - the temple. To see the full canyon, you have to spend a few days. Canyons have romantic names like "Grand Canyon", "Bob" and "Skyscraper". They were formed about a half - two million years, and during that time the wind and the water will turn into a plateau in the huge stone pillars, some of which reach a height of 400-500 meters. In canyons little rainfall. When the air temperature in Bishkek are minus 20 ° C, in the canyons - +5 ° - but the climate in the canyon is getting colder. One of the main attractions of the gorges - the extinct volcano that 2.5 to 3,000,000 years.

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 005
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Trekking Round
Duration: 16 days

Day 1: After breakfast you with others in the construction of learning, and adaptation to visit and experience some of the herders to manage. You will spend the night of tour in tents black-sheep.
Day 2: Tash-Rabat morning we "Sai Ak Ak-Tash and beautiful valleys and Chater Bush, a lake, 20 km from trekking tour and travel in the valley of the Ak-Tash  of Kyrgyzstan dinner in the camp ... You will spend the night in tents.
3 days after the tour 25-35 km from the river to the river Ak-Tash Keltebek Aigyr of Kyrgyzstan over the mountain and through the Ken Soo Kok. We camped Ken on water, snow covered mountains. This is the travel way to lunch. You will spend the night in tents.
Day 4: Today we start trekking tour and travel Ken Suu Chet Ichke of water, and then we move and travel Kashkara Tash river in Kyrgyzstan. We camped on the river Muzdabas. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 5: Trekking tour and travel  in Muzdabas a sad lake Colonel Bordu Kosh (3355 m) and 35-40km travel. We spend the night at the lake. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 6: Trekking tour Kosh for Ruver Bush. Long-Bulak, and in the afternoon we will continue to Suu Koiluu. This is the way to lunch. You will spend the night in tents in the hot tea.
Day 7: Breakfast at Koiluu soo we are trekking tour , first class Ashu (3400 m) and Kundu Suu After trekking for 35-40km. This is the way to lunch. We camp along the river boiling.
Day 8: We always occupied washed and clean beach in the morning, spend a hot day. Today, we are free to travel, trekking back to the camp in the mountains, and we are not prepared to accept.
Day 9: Boiling River is a trekking, Trekking tour in the river Balyktu Bashi 35-40km of the river. This is the way to lunch. A lunch and one in Bashi River near the tents.
Day 10: - for tea in batorskoj uhlan-Bashi, and we Batorsky Uhlan-pass (3791 m) Today we are going forward to trekking tour . You will spend the night in tents.
Day 11: Uhlan-Batorsky through the Pass Trekking tour Trekking us to Flask Flask of tea Coke and Coke (3993 m) and is Pass. This is the way to lunch. You will spend the night in tents along the River Patrol.
Day 12: Morning tea Djailoo we will be trekking tour to the river for a Patrol. This is the way to lunch. Corum will spend the night in tents before Chakyr Pass.
Day 13: After a delicious breakfast Chakyr Corum Pass (3882 m) 35 km from Joe's Jurok the river Kara-Suu and round about the trekking tour begins. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 14: The morning we camp in our 30-40km Valley Charter Kara-Suu Pass (4001 m) above will have a trekking tour . Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 15:. After the breakfast, which you can build a small village of Kara Sai shepherd, with his family at home in the valley of the statute, we will be on a trekking tour
Day 16: your tour guide will meet in the hotel and the international airport "Manas" will transfer.

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