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Tours and Kyrgyzstan

All areas are multidisciplinary Chui ie, cheaper

for the development of different types of tourism. In the season of tourism facilities

is specialized in sports, national and customary hunting and

and fishing. Moreover, it is possible to tourism and the ski development

Climbing, hiking holiday gathering, hiking,

Medicinal herbs and wild berries and fruits. Additionally, you can

include excursions to historical sites, activities

ethnographic nature. Not yet available

residential care homes, tourist hotels, can be successful

Use of mobile means of accommodation - a yurt. The remaining area

multi-functional, they can be used for both short-term,

and for a longer vacation, tourists, vacationers anytime

Time of the year.

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 004
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Trekking Round
Duration: 14 days

Day 1: 2 hours by car, you will be surrounded by 55 km, which means that rural Barskoon Arabel Pass (3800 m), the early morning and transfer. After a lunch in the mountain lakes are kolya Jashyl-round along the Arabel Pass (3800 m) and Suyek Pass (4028 m) in Kyrgyzstan will be through. Distance: 15-20 km. Time: 3 hours. The lunch will be at 19:00 am, you will spend the night of tour in tents.
Day 2: After breakfast, Suyek Taragay and rivers through the valley trekking tour through the Red-Eshme. In the afternoon you Bell (3714 m) in the future. Here you can enjoy trekking tour through beautiful valleys and high mountain pastures. This is the way to lunch. Distance: 25-35 km. Time: 4-5 hours. You will spend the night of tour in tents.
Day 3: After breakfast was tasty, the cattle herders has a Beauty of the river Kara-Sai is a trekking tour and mountain lakes, and the round begins. Because of the current economic crisis, it is now an empty pasture.
Day 4: Put the possibility of detection of Marco Polo, Trekking tour and travel in Valley Kyrtash-Yshtyk in Kyrgyzstan. Distance: 35-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You will spend the night of tour in tents.
Day 5: After a delicious breakfast, start trekking tour round down and drink tea with them, and shepherds come to the tent where the Ak-Shyyrak Canyon in Kyrgyzstan. This is the way to lunch. Your guide can talk to them about life through the shepherd. Distance: 35-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 6: open areas, sometimes way up the river Kara-Sai jumping and trekking tour and travel in the Kurtash. Weather in the hot sun, snow and hailstones change. Distance: 35-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 7: Trekking tour and FOM Akbel the river Kara-Sai Pass (3833 m), tea Taragay. Distance: 30-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. This is the way to lunch. Marco Polo sheep, a goat, and here again there is a chance to see. You will spend the night of tour in tents.
8 th day: breakfast, tea, and after trekking tour and travel down to the creek Taragay Maitor Chokuluu Bush. Kymyz a road test of a horse (a mare's milk) and is subject to the shepherd. Juuku Pass (3 633 m) to Juuku Valley. Distance: 35-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours. O / N in tents The transition from summer pastures used by shepherds bring their cattle and horse prints unique. This is the way to lunch. By the way, you Jashyl-Bush ("Green Lake", and glacial melt value of the green color) you will see the name of two mountain lakes. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 9: After breakfast was delicious to yellow-Moinok Juuku Dunguromo Pass (3773 m) is a valley and round the trekking tour begins. Trail passes through wild mountain rivers, you will be in safe bərələrində times. Trends in acute blackberry, juniper and a fur-tree covered with thickets. Distance: 30-40 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 10: Trekking tour to Keregetash Yellow-Moinok and fields. By the way, you can see the shepherd's national drink, drink - Kymyz. Legend of foreign spirits Kymyz when they return to Kyrgyzstan, that is. This is the way to lunch. Burlenie mountains at the time of this visit will bring you every day. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 11: A trekking tour Otok-Jantyk Chunkur-Kolyu away from the zoo, beautiful mountain lakes, is the name of the deepest lakes. This shimmering like a star in the night of tour sky kissed on.
Day 12: After a delicious breakfast, start trekking tour and round and bolsem Chunkur-slave, and the amount of Tosor Pass (3893 m). Two - three hours in a visit to their stoppers and Hardy, it is not clear there is a cattle and shepherd you through the Yak. Lunch will be provided at 19:00
Day 13: Trekking tour to Kechuu Tash in the Morning. Your shepherds, as well as a way to meet their favorite covered mountains of Kyrgyzstan to hear about the history. This is the way to lunch. You will spend the night of tour in tents.
Day 14: After breakfast, trekking tour in the valley of the Kok-Tash Dobo (Green Hill) to strengthen a valley. Lake Issyk Kul left and right on a beautiful mountain landscape of glaciers enjoy. In the evening, we will be trekking tour in a car Barskoon. You will have an opportunity to swim in the thermal waters and have a meal, then you will be trekking tour to sleep.

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