Rukh Ordo complex

The Rukh Ordo Complex is the centre of historical cultural contact for citizens of various backgrounds; it is the source of cross-cultural enrichment and the sharing of feelings and values. With a view to the world of religion, mythology and a wide car rental environment, visitors can enrich their tour.

Many people who take car rental tours in Kyrgyzstan, along with such distorted facts, connect with the facts from a study point of view. The complex's construction is intentional. People decided to create a place that would include faiths and nations. This is the place selected to be visited by a lot of politicians. The complex floods to the south with Issyk Kul lake and to the north with Kungei Ala Too. In the center of the five main religions, side by side, facing each other, the fundamental concept of the complex is situated.

In Kyrgyzstan, renting a car is a way of seeing the mystical side of a house. It is portrayed in white chapels to display people's openness to each other and their will to love. And tourists can spend the middle of their tour around a sightseeing site in Kyrgyzstan, anywhere in the world, and enjoy car rentals in the background.

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