Rituals play an important role in society. Rituals remind us of what is important and provide a sense of stability and continuity in our lives. History of Kyrgyzstan goes to the period of Turkic tribes. Our rituals is closely connected with the nomadic lifestyle. In tours you will learn more, but also in this article we would like to share short information about rituals. With the usage of car rent service you will feel convenient.

Suyunchu is translated into English as "joyful news". As soon as a child is born, his family sends the good news to all relatives and friends. Those in response say "bolsun" - "so be it". It is customary to give gifts or money for suyunchu. Also, the message about the birth of a child in the family is answered: "Beshik boosu bek bolsun", which means "Let it be strong". Also guests give korunduk - money.

Then we celebrate beshik toi. During the time of nomadism, the Kyrgyz put the child in a beshik. In our time, beshik has been replaced by modern cradles, playpens, and the practice of sleeping together with a child has appeared. And beshik began to be used less often. However, in some families, the tradition of solemnly laying a newborn in beshik still remains, even if the baby will not sleep there later. When putting the baby in the cradle for the first time, a small event is arranged. The oldest woman in the family puts the child in a beshik and gives him a blessing. By tradition, they cut a ram and invite relatives.

Tushoo kesuu is a rite of cutting the fetters. It is held when the child is one year old. They tie his legs with a rope made of black and white thread. The child is held by the grandmother, while the children, as well as adults, according to their physical abilities, compete in running, and the one who first comes running, cuts the child's bonds with a pre-prepared knife and leads the baby by the hand. The first person who comes running gets this knife as a gift and the main prize of the holiday, it can be a ram, a certain amount of money, or any other large prize. Other participants also get gifts, children get toys. The meaning of the rite is that after cutting the fetters, the child opens the way to the big world.

The next tradition is wedding which has many rituals as nike kyiuu (legalization of the marriage according to the Islam religion), kyz uzatuu (ceremony when relatives and friends of girl congratulate her). Ten years ago ala kachuu (kidnapping) ritual was forbidden by law of Kyrgyzstan.

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