Rivers of Kyrgyzstan

To book a tour with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service, tourists will have the opportunity to travel and learn about the country's rivers, of which there are about 40,000. Among such a large number of rivers, some were formed due to the melting of glaciers, some were formed due to heavy precipitation. Today, all tourists who wish to travel around the area with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service have the opportunity to contact our managers and take the tour that suits their own preferences. There are many rivers in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, and travelers will not be able to see all of them during the tour with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service, the problem is that some rivers are located at high altitudes where it is impossible to reach. Tourists traveling in Kyrgyzstan may consider rafting, as some rivers are suitable for rafting. Travelers are advised to inform the manager that you want to try rafting before the start of the tour with cars rent Kyrgyzstan service.

In this article, our team will try to inform you about the most important rivers in Kyrgyzstan. And so the Naryn River is considered to be the longest river in Kyrgyzstan. Seeing the Naryn River, tourists will clarify that it was formed as a result of the confluence of two rivers, the Small and Big Naryn, which branches off the At Bashi and Kekemeren, going to the Toktogul reservoir. The second place in length is occupied by the Talas River, which you can see during the tour with Kyrgyzstan cars for rent service. The Talas River is famous for Chinese being defeated on the banks of the river in 751, which brought about the end of the Western Expansion. Moreover, the largest water flow in the Chui region is the Chui River, which travelers can see in the Boom gorge. On the majestic ridge of Kyrgyzstan like Khan Tengri, the Sary Jaz river flows, on the territory of which there were plans to build a bridge in 2003. Nevertheless, the bridge was not built. The mountain river of Kyrgyzstan called Chatkal flows in the west of the Tien Shan and occupies 120 km of the Chandalash ridge.


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