The unique traditions, rituals and customs of the Kyrgyz people that travelers get to know during a tour with rent the car Bishkek service are really interesting to explore. Speaking of travel in Kyrgyzstan, we would like to note here that our tours with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service are organized by responsive managers, professional guides and experienced drivers, so the best tour in Kyrgyzstan with cars for rent is guaranteed. To better understand the traditions, culture and rituals of the Kyrgyz people, being in the state, tourists rent a car Kyrgyzstan and travel around the country, during that they get to know the locals, with whose help they can then feel everything about the rituals of the people. It was from the period of the Turkic tribes that the customs and traditions, rituals of the Kyrgyz people began to be based, it is also worth mentioning that then the Kyrgyz were nomads.

And so, if you are wondering what rituals can be learned during such popular tours with rent the car Bishkek service in Kyrgyzstan, we will reveal them to you: these are rituals associated with engagement and childbirth, mainly. Nevertheless, in fact, there is a huge number of rituals in the country that it is simply impossible to put in one article, therefore, we will tell you only about these, and the rest of the rituals travelers will find out during the tour with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service. So, childbirth is a series of holidays. It all starts with "suiunchu"; this is when the good news about a joyful event is communicated, that is, about the birth of a baby. When the word "suiunchu" is said, the informant receives gifts, in the form of money. "Korunduk" is when for the first time they show a baby to their relatives and friends and for this they give money to the baby's parents, these are such traditional rituals. "Beshik toi" is already a celebration of the birth of a child, many guests are invited and Kyrgyz traditional dishes are prepared. Then the rite of burning juniper is performed. "Tushoo kesuu" is a holiday that is celebrated in honor of the first independent steps of a child. When "tushoo kesuu" is performed, it means cutting the fetters, in other words, according to the tradition, the child's legs are tied and the children of the invited guests will run away, and then the winner cuts the rope and receives the main prize. These are the interesting rituals that the Kyrgyz perform with childbirth, which you can study in detail during the tour traveling with the cars for rent in Kyrgyzstan.

The following ceremonies and rituals relate to the engagement. By the way, modern Kyrgyz people are obsessed with having a wedding in large restaurants and many guests are invited, despite the high financial costs. In the past, the traditional method of marriage called "ala kachuu" was popular. This is bride stealing. Anyone, even a stranger, stole a girl as a bride, who, according to tradition, could not leave the groom's house. Fortunately, "ala kachuu" is now prohibited by law. "Kyz uzatuu" is seeing off the bride, on this day all relatives and friends of the bride come to say goodbye to her. Then the "nike kyiuu" rite is performed, this is the confirmation of the marriage according to Muslim laws. Then, after all these perfect rituals, the turn of the wedding comes. Come to plunge into the atmosphere of rituals and customs performed here during the tour and enjoy the travel with rent a car Kyrgyzstan service.


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