In tours through Kyrgyzstan you will see all contrasts of the nature of Kyrgyzstan, it is due to the significant elevation of its territory above sea level, the mountainous terrain, the position in the center of the vast continent of Eurasia among the deserts of the temperate zone. More than 93 percent of its area is mountains, about 3/4 of the area is above 1500 m above sea level. Of these, 41% belong to the harsh highlands located above 3000m, where there is untouched, pristine beauty that you will not see on the plains. With the aid of car rent service, you will be able to reach any place in tours.

Long chains from West to East stretch 88 powerful ridges of the grandiose Tien Shan mountain system ( translated from Chinese "heavenly mountains", Kyrgyz name Tenir-Too). They live up to the name. Most of them direct the peaks beyond the snow line. Among them are the world-famous peaks of victory (7439 m), Lenin (7134 m), the pyramid of the legendary Khan Tengri (6995 m) made of white-pink marble and granite.

Snow never descends from peaks between 3,600 and 4,600 meters high, depending on the amount of precipitation and the location of the mountains. Here is an amazing variety of climatic zones of Eurasia. The exceptional diversity and diversity of natural complexes are predetermined by the remoteness from the sea and the proximity to the deserts of Central and Central Asia and the strong dissection of the terrain. Mountain terrain includes almost all types of landscapes: semi-desert, steppe, meadow-steppe, subalpine, Alpine, tundra and glacial-Nival.

Relief of Kyrgyzstan is extraordinary, so it would be more substantial with car rent service in your tours in Central Asia.