Peak Pobeda

Kyrgyzstan has many high peaks. We want to talk about peak Pobeda on tours. At an altitude of 7439m, it borders with China and cleverly became the highest peak of Soviet Union in the past.

During tours, Kyrgyzstan travelers are always interested in the sights near the top of the mountain. If you rent a car, we can see the Zvezdochka glacier. The Chinese part, it is called Tomur Peak. The history of the peak is interesting because of the wrong name the researcher P. Semyonov introduced.

He thought it was the peak of Khan Tengri Peak. In different periods, both peaks were named Khan Tengri. To commemorate the victory in World War II, the mountain named Pobeda. Different climbers performed multiple vaults. We can attribute most attempts failed due to the weather. We provide the service of car rent in our company in order for you to be a person who visits the most remote and outstanding places on Kyrgyzstan tours.