Mountain ranges

Mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan create the need for rent cars service during the tours, because travelers to explore them will have to go to mountainous areas. Of course, our companies are always ready to go to meet the wishes of travelers and organize tours with rent cars service, so that they can explore the mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan and provide maximum information. Therefore, speaking about useful information for traveling around Kyrgyzstan, you need to know that there are about 88 ranges, some of which are related, and some are separated from each other.

During the tour, do not forget to use rent a car in Kyrgyzstan service to explore the main ridge of the country like the Tien Shan or the ridge of the Heavenly Mountains. In addition, travelers in the south of Kyrgyzstan can be shown such ridges as Chon Alai, which connects with the Pamir system. By the way, this range makes the division of the country into north and south. Travelers on the tours with rent cars service in the country would like to explore the mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan represented by ridges, the longest of which are Kakshaal (582 km) and the Kyrgyz ridge (454 km).

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It is also possible to travel with rent a car in Kyrgyzstan service in the Issyk Kul region and explore Terskey Ala Too and Kungey Ala Too. On the tour, you can understand that Terskey Ala Too is a ridge of shady mountains, but Kungey Ala Too, on the contrary, is sunny mountains. The Pamir Alai Mountains divide the Tien Shan into Turkestan and Alai ridges, you will hear about this during the tour with rent cars service. Travelers see that the mountains are mostly covered with permanent snow that never melts. Therefore, in Kyrgyzstan, from anywhere, people can see the Ala-Too Mountains, or colorful ones.