Jeti Oguz gorge

The chance to visit Jeti Oguz Gorge (Seven Bulls) in Kyrgyzstan is 28 kilometers away from the capital. It's a nice sight to see on the tour if tourists want to rent a car and go straight to the line of bricks, red with the appearance of the Bulls. Regardless of the appearance of the gorge, only the name of the gorge was awarded. Evacuation preparations are ongoing for such emergencies, referred to as the past of the region. Renting a car tour in Kyrgyzstan will pave the way for learning ideas. We may have tried to alert a few of them about this. The idea of shooting bulls is understood to have fascinated the king. Seven of them were slaughtered in a red blood-symbolizing hue, to give the public a picture of sloping bulls. Have a good experience using Kyrgyzstan's car rental tours.

Jeti Oguz gorge, Kyrgyzstan tours.