Issyk Kul lake

We may certainly argue that the pearl of the land is Issyk Kul Lake. It is located in the middle of the mountains and must be seen by car rental on the tour in Kyrgyzstan, allowing us the opportunity to see the beautiful views of the "warm lake." That's the salty one, it never melts. Most people have opted to trust the myth that it's salty. It is said that there was a city, an old city, which had suffered an earthquake. About this time, when they arrived, a couple of the girls were out of town and finding the ruins crying sadly and filled the gap.

Our team is able to plan a lake tour of Kyrgyzstan, where water level fell from 1856 to 2002 by around 8.5 meters. At the same time, anyone coming here to rent a car can see the lake bordering the northern Kungey Alatau range and the southern Terskey Alatau range. Perhaps the lake is the one in which fish live. You can buy a bare osman, a chebak, and a carp, however, being on the beach. In Kyrgyzstan, they can rent a car and enjoy the freshness of the sea, the air and the atmosphere on the tours, of course.