Dungan mosque

A wonderful tour in Kyrgyzstan will deliver a visit to the Dungan Mosque and rent a car in famous major aim districts. The documented establishment of the mosque is seen as an intriguing and meritorious appraisal by travelers.

Thus, in 1877, citizens fled the Chinese region on a flight to the islands of the latest tour. They opened an organization in the aftermath of the appearance. The year 1907 was the year that the organizer Chjou Siy was invited. Twenty people helped build the mosque at that time. On your tour to Kyrgyzstan, you can find that this mosque was built without nails.

Today, travelers have an event to rent a car and examine mosques on their own. At the same time, Bishkek rents a car, helping you to examine the fundamental shadows. First, we will inspect the red tone, which is the pledge of the instructions to the scalawag, the richness of the yellow tone and the joy of the green. In the Soviet era, it was agreed to accept God and to visit challenging locations. It usually occurred in the twentieth century. At that time, in the light of the Second World War, they were wounded and the Muslims gave a lot of cash. Around that point, it was sponsored by the association section. Nowadays, you also need think about car rental in Kyrgyzstan with the intention of taking a tour of Karakol City and Dungan Mosque.


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