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Day 1 of Manas Airport in Bishkek, the city will be given after the plane lands. This tour will take place in the hotel for lunch. Dinner and overnight of tour at the guest suite. Osh flight day 2. Accommodation is a guesthouse. Day 3 Transfer and travel to Osh - Achik - Tash (Base Camp 3400 m). Tent to sleep at night of tour. Day 4 of trekking tour to Camp 1 in Kyrgyzstan, return to Base Camp. Lunch on the tour way. Preparation day for 5 days. Accommodation in tents Camp (4400 m.) And the first six days of trekking tour 7 days at Camp 1 (5400 m.) For trekking tour to Camp 2 and descent tour in Kyrgyzstan The rest of the 8th Day Camp (4400 m.) The second day of the camp trekking tour and travel 9 The other camp is 10 days and the descent tour to Camp 3 (6100 m) for the trekking tour. Day 11 Arrival at Camp 1 (4400 m.) in Kyrgyzstan Day 12 Base camp arrival. (3400 m.) 13 days of night of tour sleep in a tent closed. Closed at night of tour and sleep in a tent in 14 days. The first 15 days of trekking tour and travel to Camp (4400 m.) 16 On the second day trekking tour camp (5400 m). 17 days Trekking tour to Camp 3 (6100 m). Day 18 Summit Camp 3 (7134 m.), And sleep in a tent for the night of tour trekking tour (6100 m.) To boot. The day starts with breakfast strengthening of 19 days. Camp 1 (4400 m.) And stroke Lunch on the tour way to Base Camp 20 day trekking tour. Damascus. (3500 m.) In case of bad weather days to 21 days. In case of bad weather days to 22 days. Day 23 Transfer to Osh. With the rest of the family. After your plane lands at the airport Manas in Bishkek city will be 24 days. This tour will take place in the hotel for lunch. Dinner and overnight of tour at the guest suite. Today in history detailed tour guide, 25 to meet at a hotel and air fare to accompany you.


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