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Kyrgyzstan tour and travel

    Prior to 1991, tourist system of the USSR, led by the trade unions,

developed in the direction of providing a cheap holiday for workers and

was not integrated into the global tourism. Of course, after

the collapse of the Soviet Union was not a huge tourist industry

suitable for use in the new environment. The early 90s was a time of search

new model of tourism development.

    With the requirements of the industry and the institutes are: 1) The President

CD and his government, and 2) the Parliament and its committees, and 3) The Prime Minister

and the Government of the KR. What is the most important part of this

public bodies in relation to the industry today?

Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 007
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Trekking Round
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: Gray-Uchuck Village130 km from the City Surveillance and Barskoon in Kyrgyzstan Transfer. After a lunch the first foreign adventure begins. Bose-Uchuk ball through the forest. Bose-Uchuk (3362 m) to cross the river from the top to three times before, will be passed to the Bose-Uchuk. Distance: 20-25 km. Time: 4-5 hours. In the evening, dinner will be provided. Night of tour is in tents.
Day 2: Canyon where the shepherds are usually natural pasture to the herds of Turgon, and Kok-Kiya Trekking tour and travel in jailoo in Kyrgyzstan. You can learn about the reliability of the nomadic Kyrgyz. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You can have lunch at noon. Night of tour is in tents.
Day 3: We Kok-Kiya-Karakyr Pass (3822 m) and river trekking tour and travel will be a Ottuk in Kyrgyzstan. You have a beautiful view of the mountains Tjan-Shanja the top of the pass. A lunch on the tour way. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night of tour is in tents.
Day 4: Trekking tour Ottyk river and through a narrow canyon. You can file Pass (3 550 m) and will be in Maisaz jailoo Koiluu tea. You can have lunch at noon. Distance: 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night of tour is in tents.
Day 5: After breakfast start trekking tour and travel to Pass Maisaz and Kurusai 3 760 m. and we will be in Taldysuu. In addition, if you are lucky, you can see mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo. Distance: 30 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 6: We are trekking tour vertical expensive, Kichi-Chung Taldy Taldy-Suu-Suu this will be fascinated by the beauty of the valley. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 7: After breakfast, tea Saryjaz a delightful way to start the trekking tour and round, you are a poplar, with a fine view of the beautiful Juniper Valley Terecti will be impressed with the trekking tour, we recommend the rural Engilchek. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 8: We Sarytor Achator to try and Eckichat. Distance: 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 9: We Ekichat-Red Pass (3700 m) to carry out trekking tour, hunting photos with the yaks and Yak herders will be welcomed. A lunch on the tour way. Do not try to catch a yak. Like a beautiful diamond ring Bashkol mountain lakes, mountain peaks covered with snow. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 10: Bashkol-Red Pass (3700 m) Trekking tour on. Eckichat jailoo (meadows). Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. You can have lunch at noon. Tent for dinner and spend the night of tour.
Day 11: After breakfast, we start trekking tour to a Terecti Valley. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 12: We meet in the car and the horse you Barskoon trekking tour down to a valley where the village will be Engilchek Terecti. Distance: 220 km. Time: 4-5 hours. You can have lunch at noon. Sink with hot water bath. Night of tour of private homes.

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      We want you to enjoy your trip in Kyrgyzstan, which is why there's a book that will help you to do so. We recommend that you read it and it will help you to find out everything, and Kyrgyzstan's nomadic way of life.

 The book was written by Michael Linder was named "Kyrgyzstan", and those who wish to become very popular.

"Kyrgyzstan" guide contains all the necessary information to the country, but not limited to general information.

Kyrgyzstan is a country, not only for cultural tourists but also for people who enjoy hiking and horseback riding. In this book you will find useful information about different gorges and passes, the transportation and accommodation in different places.

Kyrgyzstan is the country where the nomads lived for centuries, and still meet many shepherds who still graze cattle and grow in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan live in a so-called flat felt yurt. You will also read festivals and holidays in Kyrgyzstan. There are old houses that people still celebrate in our celestial country. "Kyrgyzstan" has detailed information about visas for visiting Kyrgyzstan. Find out organized tours and independent travel in Kyrgyzstan. Travel in Kyrgyzstan is not a difficult thing. If you are interested in activities in Kyrgyzstan and regions - that book will give you lots of good advice!

This guide book will help you find answers to all your questions about this country. How to get a visa, the currency used in humans, where to stay, it's cold or hot in Kyrgyzstan, where to go to buy and where to go for dinner. All this information is also included in the book. Give details of all the parts of Kyrgyzstan. You can read not only in the cities but also to small parts that are worth visiting. Kyrgyzstan has many museums. You can see short inscriptions about them and decide to go there or not. If you are going to visit Kyrgyzstan you will need some information about Kyrgyz customs in order to have at least a general idea about life here.

Kyrgyz land of the earth, where there is an excellent trekking hiking or horseback riding tour, even if it is possible for a short trip, a cultural tour or a ride.

This book informs Kyrgyz history, cultural traditions and crafts, these parts are described in details.

Facts about the Traveler - This part of the book provides the necessary information to travel in Kyrgyzstan. It has everything to become Kyrgyzstan's famous shopping bazaars.

It is much better to know more about Kyrgyzstan and in life because you will discover another world - the world of nomads. Kyrgyzstan is the kingdom of heaven. The main highlight of Kyrgyzstan is mountains! It is a breathtaking feeling to watch Tien Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan. 93% of Kyrgyzstan is mountains - and many of them kept untouched nature. Therefore, I decided to live in Kyrgyzstan nomads, many years ago. And I still love Kyrgyzstan and rich pastures and clean Mountain Rivers. They live in the mountains in summer and autumn nomads go down in the valleys of Kyrgyzstan. The tourists who come here to always try to come back here more friendly. This is an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature. Kyrgyzstan paradise for photographs. You can find all kinds of lands shape in Kyrgyzstan. There are so many places in Kyrgyzstan that will surprise you with its beauty. The book is in many photos of Kyrgyzstan but it is better to everything with your own eyes. This adventure in Kyrgyzstan you will remember for the rest of his life. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you. Do not be surprised Kyrgyz hospitality is another reason to come to the third and fourth time. People of Kyrgyzstan save on customs and learn them during the journey. Kyrgyzstan's unique culture and people. Many tourists who come in Kyrgyzstan many times. And they say that Kyrgyzstan attracts them very much.

Here is a new guide written by David Peytray and is called "Kyrgyzstan Travel". Our company travel company recommends that you review such as this guide book is becoming more and more popular among travelers. Kyrgyzstan is described in much detail in the book. It describes the best highlights of Kyrgyzstan. If you have a book you will find out many amazing things Kyrgyzstan and nomads. Kyrgyzstan has a very interesting history of the development goes back to ancient times. Nomads have lived here for centuries, and practiced different customs and traditions. Some of them really surprise you. Kyrgyz people live in mountains, and are therefore their own culture. Kyrgyzstan is a country of beautiful mountains and sky blue lakes, this guide so you can book many important details trekking in Kyrgyzstan. House are many fantastic places trekking tours. These tours are growing in popularity all over the world. People all over the world come here for trekking. They are of different age and physical condition, and you can choose a light trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan or to have a very hard. Kyrgyzstan trekking tours in the many gaps. These gorges are without people. There are many hidden places where you get a chance to completely unwind from the daily problems. You will have a trekking tour along mountain gorges of Kyrgyzstan. During trekking tour you will meet some nomads in Kyrgyzstan. I still prefer to live in the mountains. And you spend a night in their dwellings yurts. Considered to be the most hospitable Kyrgyz people, and would like to see a variety of people, especially in Kyrgyzstan, who are trekking. Generally, we offer you to spend some time with them and take a rest after trekking. Nomads can give you some national food and drinks and it will make your trekking in Kyrgyzstan unforgettable. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is the perfect time to time in the beautiful nature. During trekking tour you will visit the most beautiful and stunning gorges of Kyrgyzstan. They are really good to have trekking tours. You will have trekking tour in celestial mountains where there are no other people beside nomads. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is famous game and its indescribable beauty. During trekking tour you can enjoy amazing views and trekking to very distant places. Is it safe to go trekking in Kyrgyzstan, locals like to invite people to spend some time with them. Trekking Tien Shan mountain range gives you the opportunity to reveal real Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyzstan of nomads and traditions of the century! If you go for trekking in Kyrgyzstan we advise you to take with the equipment that they do not loose time looking for rent. Kyrgyzstan is the best country to harmony with nature, and that cherished vocation to the company of family or friends. The author says that it is better to trekking tours through Travel Company. In this way you will save a lot of time trekking as well. Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who want to go trekking tours and you are always welcome there. The best places for trekking in Kyrgyzstan are Terskey Mountains Issyk Kul Lake southern shore. This guide book also provides a number of different routes that you can choose to travel here. In fact, it is quite possible that trekking alone, but it is better to have an experienced guide with you. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is good chance gorgeous vocations and to see many fantastic places! Trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan are popular among people of all ages and health conditions. There are two things you need to travel in a good mood and great desire to discover the world.

Kyrgyzstan has many leisure travelers, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, etc.

There are tours that we can suggest that the trekking in Kyrgyzstan:

Tour: TR - 01

 It is possible to organize a trekking tour in any part of Kyrgyzstan. The trekking tour you will see many beautiful lakes and rivers, and mountains. People who are going to have a trek need a guide with them. Thus, the trekking will be without any problems and you will not lose your way. If you have an organized trek through a travel agent, it is much better for you. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is an unbelievable trip. Kyrgyzstan is known as a perfect place for trekking tour. And you will have a trekking tour you will find out. Some stunning canyon is located one hour from hour to the capital, it may be that the cultural and trekking tours at the same time. Trekking in Kyrgyzstan is a nice chance to find out about life style of Kyrgyz people. You can live with them during the trekking in Kyrgyzstan.




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