Kyrgyzstan tombs

All the tombs are well treated logs: Flush cut down the branches and twigs, bark is removed. The logs are carefully hewn walls of the chamber and tightly adjusted to each other, for the greater stability of the structure butt logs alternately pointing in opposite directions.
In the corners of the chamber adjacent timber walls just touch each other and bonded together.
On the logs are well preserved traces of guns, which cut and treated wood, all the logs at the ends and middle of the eye are, in most logs are double thick. The flat ceiling of the burial chamber, which consists, as already mentioned, from the rolling logs in three rows, covered with a layer of reeds. Be particularly careful on the moisture protected by absorbent eastern part of the roof, lying on an extension and the doorway. In contrast to the rest of it is covered with two layers of koshma and thick reed mats, interlocking ence. Koshma and reeds are well conserved nilis.
Entrance leading to the extension of the corridor, founded by three short E logs and sections of the corridor to the top zabutovany stone and rubble. After the burial of this building height greater than 4 m from the mound was built of stone and rubble.
A huge mound, and other protective measures are not rescued from the tomb looting. The robbers entered here as well as in the first chickens gan: dug mound, disassembled, and backing down the corridor, and from there to the burial chamber. At the time of our entrance to the excavations Priest Royko was opened, one of the logs, closing in, pushed aside, and the other to pull into the camera. In the annexe were two pairs of drag harrows, bronze arrowhead tetrahedral with hidden of the sleeve, small wooden pegs. A large square burial chamber was empty, on the earthen floor were razroz nennye buried bones, the bones of a sheep, a horse rump, at the threshold of a clay vessel fragments and broken stalks of spades or picks robbers.