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Kyrgyzstan stone

Entrance to the cave began with the depression in the southern half of the embankment. Height moves up to 1.7 m, width 1.3 m
Excavation of the stone shaft revealed that the remains of crashed stone wall, built around the mound. The height of masonry wall after clearing - 70 cm Judging by the number tional to the stones that have fallen down, the initial height of the wall was 1-1.2 m
Fourth Besshatyr mound. The mound has a stone floor, mound at the base of the stones hugs the width of 3 meters on the flat top of the mound preserved crater depth of 2.5 m, Nye made by the robbers.
From the south-eastern side of the mound has 11 fences of lennyh of boulders. The diameter of the mound 48 m, height of 7 m
Fifth Besshatyr mound. Located in the southern group, with a mound of rock layer at the base of stones hugs the width of 2 meters on the flat top of the mound-hopper - traces of a robbery. The diameter of the mound 45 m, height of 6 m
Sixth Besshatyr mound. The southernmost of a group of large mounds, has a stone floor, stone mound at the base Ulo wife dense layer. On the flat top of the mound, from the south-east side is 2.5 m deep crater on the northern half of the saturation pi-sink was 2 m wide, going down viizu reason it ends up gravel mound (diameter 4 m, height 1.2 m). From sowing ro-west, a distance of 60 m from the mound are 14 fences, chain stretching from south to north-west by 70 m Fences composed of 5-7 menhirs and boulders. The diameter of the mound - 52 liters, height - 8 m
The sixth mound was excavated in 1959, while Studies showed that the burial mound, as well as in the First mound, three-layered: the top layer - the layer thickness at the top of a stone in a 1 m from the foundation of - up to 3 m, the middle layer - the earth with rubble-2-13l "and the bottom - a large stone from the rubble -1,5-4 pm
The bottom layer, as in the first mound, covered ground logs chatuyu tomb, similar to the tomb of the First Hill. - This is the chance you were looking for. - A nice cultural tour to Tash Rabat. - Advices and vise support. - Local guides for horse riding trips. - Many different trekking tours.


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