Kyrgyzstan mound

The Shrine of the Sixth mound consists of three parts: measles dora (dromos), and vestibulocochlear extension of the burial chamber (Fig. 40). Corridor - a long, high (up to 5 m) and open (without re covering) structure, size 5x1, 3 pm It is above the camera at 1 pm
Preddverno extension is a continuation of the corridor and prima arises in the east wall of the burial chamber. It is nearly 3 m below the corridor, a square shape (size 1,5 X1, 5 m), covered by three short Kimi logs. The side walls of the two input structures are composed of general and logs laid on each other with a slight slope from east to west. On the inside of the horizontal support beams supported by four pillars, dug into the ground to 1 m corridor is divided into two compartments (wells) block, laid crosswise with respect to the side walls.
The burial chamber has the shape of an irregular square (again measures 4,70 X4, 20 m, height 3.3 m), oriented parties in the countries of the world with little deviation. Its walls were built from the Tien Shan spruce logs laid on each other in 13 rows. Ceiling and housing necks are rolling logs, lying directly on the walls of the chamber length in the meridional direction.
The logs forming the walls, the camera, hold vertically vry tye poles. Total of 19. Each of the three sides, has two outdoor GOVERNMENTAL and three inside the post. Outdoor pillars dug at the ends of logs lying, and internal - on the corners and the middle of the walls. Only the east wall, both outside and inside, is supported by four pillars colliding. They are placed so that the middle wall between the third and sixth from the bottom log on top, made the doorway dimensions rum 155X72 cm
Doorway to the threshold - the height of the thickness of the two beams (60 cm). To facilitate pereshagivanie over the threshold, on the outside put the stump of a log, which serves as a stepping stone. He also faces two short logs, reinforcing support for the roof over-construction site.