Kyrgyzstan group

Seventh Besshatyr mound. Located away from the other mounds of the southern group. The diameter of 45 m, height of 6 meters on the mound for the character Besshatyr mounds at the base of the stones tightly stacked two to three rows of the width of 2 meters on the flat top of the mound there are traces of destructive excavations. This completes the description of the large mounds of burial.
From mounds of medium-sized mounds Besshatyr describe only three (8, 9, 14).
Mound 8. Located near the Big Mound, diameter 33 m, height 5.20 m (Fig. 50), and the outline of a stone on the flat top of the crater deeper than 1 m It was excavated in 1960 Mound consisted of earth, gravel and stone, the remains were found beneath burnt usypal boundary. Yet on the charred remains of rotting logs, in pits dug on the vertical columns could completely reconstruct vit form and design facilities. In form it is described ana logical tombs found in the First and Sixth mounds.
The peculiarity of the tomb mound is the eighth with a double wall of the northern, western and eastern sides. The size of the burial chamber 4x3, 70 m from the south-eastern side of the corridor is long Noah 4 m, width 1.3-1.9 m more second walls are 65 cm from the core, the space between them filled with rubble. briefs on the second wall stacked with a slight slope inwards with such races Chet to the upper lay close to the upper walls of the main camera logs. Apparently, for stability as they lay the ground sprinkled over and rubble. When cleaning the area occupied by the remainder mi tombs of the dam have been found fragments of human bones and animal bones, fragments of pottery vessels, a crock of suck da kinky with a pen, pieces of gold foil.
Mound 9. The southernmost mound of the northern group, as well as all Kurg HN has the outline of the stone. The base is lined with large stone mound, on the flat top (diameter 17 m) deep crater remained Bina 2.5 m from the blade release. Barrow is surrounded by a stone shaft width 1.6 m, height of 40-50 cm on the east side of the embankment, a distance of 14 meters from the hall, there are five fences from the menhirs, standing on the inside (to the mound) side. Diameter from north to south, 22.4 meters east from the west na - 25.7 and. The average height - 5.2 m
Eastern slope of the embankment due to the destruction of the embankment sloping boundary ers. Mound excavated in 1960 Mound bilayer: a stone rap Noah is a thick layer of gravel, rubble and earth a.
As a result of excavation of the mound a new type of funerary structures, different from the log tombs of two mounds Besshatyr. The basis of the burial structures were built of earth walls with a mixture of fine gravel.