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The countries of Central Asia such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are destinations to which our travel company offers any tour with a rented car service. This will be a great chance to travel in such unique countries in Central Asia. They are also called as 5 "stans", since ancient times they were neighboring states, they have close ties in history and culture. Nevertheless, today every tourist has the opportunity to go on the tour with the car for rent service and find out the uniqueness of each state.

Speaking of a country as Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, it should be noted that this is one of the smallest countries here. There are many surrounding mountains in Kyrgyzstan. These mountains create an impressive picture for enjoying the country's nature. There is rich natural resources, glaciers, rivers and of course lakes. Local lakes are incredibly beautiful. For instance, the most famous among these lakes are Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr, Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and others. The nature of Kyrgyzstan inspire everybody, so for you better book the tour with  a rented car service and start to travel through such an amazing country. You will explore history, nomadic culture in Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan is marked as the land of the steppes, located in Central Asia. Indeed, Kazakhstan takes the same popular position in the travel sphere. It also has its own not ordinary nature, many places that are worth seeing by taking the tour with the car for rent service. For instance, such a famous destinations as the Big Almaty Lake, Medeo Skating Rink, Charyn Canyon and many others. Also, remember to ride on the popular Almaty cableway. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are very similar if compared to their culture, but there are differences that are better to be highlighted during the travel tour with a rented car.

Guests can take the tour with a rented car to such a country as Tajikistan in Central Asia. This country is also ranked as mountainous. On tour in this Central Asian country like Tajikistan, tourists do hiking, trekking, etc. There is a wonderful nature, sights that are worth seeing with own eyes.

Uzbekistan is one of 5 countries of an incredible Central Asia. This state has a completely oriental flavor. In Uzbekistan, you can taste the famous dish like pilaf with dried fruits in the original. The state is famous for its exquisite cuisine; there are many delicious dishes and kinds of pilaf. If you want to travel around Uzbekistan with the car for rent remember to visit the bazaar. There tourists can bargain and see the oriental bazaar. Guests are always welcomed in this country.

Turkmenistan is a wonderful country for the tour with a rented car. This is a closed state. Nevertheless, in this Central Asian place you can see so many amazing places and explore ancient cities like Merv and Nisa. In Turkmenistan, guests visit such places as the Karakum Desert, a gas crater, etc.

There is Central Asia always has a cozy atmosphere, the local people are very hospitable and kind, the cuisine is incredibly tasty, rich in history and culture, so you shouldn't waste your travel time, but it is better to take the tour with the car for rent service and start investigating these countries.

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