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We would like to present you our tours in Kyrgyzstan, a country of nomads, mountains and great culture. Being on the border with China, it took a favorable geopolitical position on the Great Silk Road which contributed in exchange of not only goods but also culture, history and arts of any kinds. Besides tours in Kyrgyzstan, we offer you to combine it with travelling to neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, KazakhstanTajikistan and Turkmenistan to get a whole scene of the development of history of Silk Road from the beginning to its disappearance. It is possible to rent cars in these countries.

If you want to explore more of architecture of ancient cities during the Silk Road, it is best to travel to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. In Uzbekistan you can visit Samarkand, Shakrisabz, Bukhara, Khiva with its amazing architecture. You can enjoy different festivals and shows, as well as master classes and visits to factories of paper, silk and ceramics to learn the ancient ways of production.

Turkmenistan will be a good compliment for it where one can continue exploring Silk Road cities such as Kunya Urgench near Dashoguz, which was the capital of Samanid Empire in 995, or ancient city of Nisa, the capital on ancient Parthia, and of course, the famous and enchanting Darwaza gas crater.

If you visit Kazakhstan be sure you will witness a big contrast between Nur-Sultan, the capital city with modern architecture, Almaty, cultural center of the country with historical sites and wonderful national parks with untouched lakes and mountains. Try car rent services here to explore more sites on your own.

Finally the last but not the least, so-called the Rood of the World, Tajikistan will take your breath away with legendary Pamir mountains and its inhabitants with unique culture and traditions. When visiting Tajikistan be prepared for spectacular scenery, wilderness and high altitudes. 

Our company is happy to demonstrate the best of every country in your tours along the Great Silk Road. Our cars for rent will help you in your travel. Let us take care of your treasures vacation time and prepare you unforgettable tour in Central Asia!